“Take a Second Look”

 Fran chose subjects keeping in mind that she would paint them i two art forms, acrylic and watercolor media! "Utilzing different techniques gives the one subject two distinct perspectives and textures"


Acrylic 14x11 $450.00

“A Single Rose”

 Such a simple subject with so much texture and delicate detail….

God is so amazing in His creations!   

Watercolor 5x7 $250.00 SOLD
Acrylic 11x14 $450.00 / SOLD

  Home Sweet Home”

 Since 9/11, I have been inspired to include flags in my exhibits. My daughter Anna is a quilter, and I love the challenge in recreating quilt fabrics with their different textures. With the 10th anniversary of 9/11, this painting is dedicated to “all who have given some, and to those who have given all"    

Watercolor 8 ½ x11 $325.00
Acrylic 16x20 $725.00 SOLD

 “Who created all the Starry Hosts?”Isaiah 40 

Watercolor 8 ½ x 11 $325.00
Acrylic 14x11 $450.00

 "Old Savannah”

My husband and I spent a week together in Savannah, GA. Our hotel faced the Savannah river and we watched this tugboat work hard all day …. up and down the river.  

Watercolor 11x8 ½ $325.00

My Neighbor's Garden  / SOLD


 “My Neighbor’s Garden”

This subject I found one morning walking my dog, Shelby. Discovering art wherever I go is fun and inspiring. For this painting I had only to go past my neighbor’s garden.

Watercolor 8 ½ x11 $325.00 SOLD
Acrylic 14x11 $450.00 SOLD

 "Winter Hibiscus"


 My youngest daughter, Leah, photographed this bloom while visiting her aunt and uncle last winter on Marco Island. When Leah noticed it she knew it was a possible painting. She was right! 

Watercolor 11x8 ½ $325.00

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